Most read blogs of 2021

Over 5,400 young women and men in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo,* Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia share their perception of peace. Photo: Dardan Rushiti.
The Technovation challenge is a UNDP supported programme that invites girls and young women to work in teams to code mobile applications and help solve real-world problems through technology. Photo: UN Technovation
A recent Technovation event in Uzbekistan. Photo: UN Technovation
Photo: Great Himalaya Trails
Photo: Tom Fiske
Air pollution in Skopje, North Macedonia. Photo: UNDP / Sumaya Agha.
Newly installed solar panels in the Turkmenistan desert power water stations that allow livestock to graze and livelihoods to return. Photo: UNDP Turkmenistan / Sergey Mirzoyev
Photo: Women’s Political Network, Montenegro.
Counseling services in a mobile services unit in North Macedonia. Photo: HERA
Photo: Adobe Stock/Burdun —



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UNDP Eurasia

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