The most read blogs of 2020 are about…(surprise!) Covid-19

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3 min readDec 22, 2020


From gender equality to human rights, climate change to economic empowerment, we covered a lot of ground this year. But of course one topic was on everyone’s mind: the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s a clear indicator of how the pandemic and its impacts spread across all of our work here at UNDP.

Here’s a look back at our thoughts on Covid-19 and its relationship to everything from biodiversity to innovation.

12. The coronavirus pandemic has created a “perfect storm” for core government functions
by Irakli Kotetishvili, Anti-corruption and public administration policy specialist

11. Is the climate crisis partly responsible for the coronavirus outbreak?
Armen Grigoryan, Team Leader, Climate change and disaster risk reduction; Cansu Demir, Climate change and disaster risk reduction consultant

10. The colour of our post-pandemic world must be green
by Louisa Vinton, UNDP Georgia Resident representative

9. Finding opportunities in crisis: a view on the post-COVID-19 future in Serbia
by Francine Pickup, UNDP Serbia Resident representative

8. “Be Safe” — A mobile app to protect victims of violence
by Daniela Gasparikova, UNDP Montenegro Resident representative; Kaca Djurickovic, Gender programme manager, UNDP Montenegro

7. Solidarity is helping fight Coronavirus crisis, and paving the way for future development
by Francine Pickup, UNDP Serbia Resident representative

6. In a global pandemic, do we still have a right to privacy?
by Ainura Bekkoenova, Rule of law and human rights expert; Zana Idrizi, Governance and peacebuilding consultant

5. Coronavirus pandemic is an invitation to tackle uncertainty with innovation and creativity
by Agi Veres, Deputy director, UNDP Regional Bureau for Europe and CIS

4. Covid-19 will change our lives. And our way of working.
by Gerd Trogemann, Manager of UNDP’s Istanbul Regional Hub; Lejla Sadiku, Innovation specialist

3. Rethinking development after Coronavirus
by Milica Begovic, Global Innovation Advisor a.i., UNDP; Lejla Sadiku, Innovation specialist

2. If we want to stop future pandemics, biodiversity matters now more than ever
by Onno Van Heuvel, Global manager, UNDP’s Biodiversity Finance Initiative

  1. The hidden health effects of Coronavirus
    by Camilla Malakasuka, Fellow for the African Young Women Leaders Program at UNDP in Europe and Central Asia’s HIV and Health team

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